Fashion News: The New Age of Style

Posted: January 25, 2015

When flipping through our favorite fashion magazines, it’s pretty much a given that we’ll encounter dozens of “fresh new faces” modeling the season’s latest styles. Young, edgy models are the no-brainer way for designers to add some extra vigor and urgency to their pieces – or so we always thought. A few weeks ago, Céline caused a sensation in the fashion world after announcing their newest face for their ad campaign: long-revered author and it-girl Joan Didion, who is currently 80 years old. A few days later, Saint Laurent revealed that 70’s music goddess Joni Mitchell –who recently turned 71 – would be their newest campaign star. Check out this article in Fashionista for more details:

Here at Via Gypset we believe a woman can be chic at any age. We’re all about this new trend of embracing the unique beauty of older women and hope to see more campaigns like these soon. Well done to these two labels for paving the way for fashion’s bright future.


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Fashion News: Green is the New Black

Posted: January 06, 2015

Happy New Year from the VG team! There’s a lot of positive change going on in the fashion world to look forward to in 2015. According to an article in Business of Fashion, 2014 was a year of immense (and, frankly, overdue) shifts toward more ethical and sustainable practices.

Luxury conglomerate Kering (owner of Gucci, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, and Stella McCartney) has teamed up with the London College of Fashion to “support sustainable practices and innovation in fashion education” in an effort to proliferate a sustainable future for fashion. And this is just one of the conglomerate’s environmentally friendly endeavors: launching programs to reduce emissions, water consumption, and waste, among other things.

Kering’s CEO, Francois-Henri Pinault (who also happens to be Salma Hayek’s husband), stated: “If we wait for governments to solve the environmental crisis, not much will happen. It is up to us to show initiative, to be extremely proactive and go beyond simple compliance rules.”

It’s not just luxury labels that are changing the game. Major fast-fashion retailer H&M has pledged to use “only sustainable cotton by 2020, reduce its operations’ total greenhouse gas emissions by 2015, and improve pay structures for fair living wages in its key suppliers by 2018.” While we can all agree that the corporation’s immense production of items is, in the words of the article, “fundamentally unstable,” these steps toward a greener future are still something to be excited about.

For more details on the subject, definitely check out the entire article:

Here at VG, we’re taking our own direction toward sustainability by ringing in the New Year with some amazing all-natural skincare items by the Brooklyn-based S.W. Basics. Founded by Adina Grigore, these items – which range from creams and body oils to make-up remover and cleansers – are made entirely from ingredients that are either certified organic, Fair Trade, or sourced from small family farms.

You can pick up a selection of Adina’s incredible and all-natural products at VG’s brick-and-mortar location in Washington D.C. If you’re not located in the area, here is a link to Adina’s online store:


Welcome to the VG Blog!

Posted: December 17, 2014

We are so excited to launch the online clothing portion of our website featuring a sample of our varied collection available in our Brick and Mortar store. As we welcome 2015 lots of new developments will be taking place to expand the VG brand. For starters, the store will now include home goods featuring new items and vintage finds so that you can style your home and office into a place you love. In addition, we will also be carrying a large variety of gift options to help make you the perfect guest over the holiday season.

Starting in the New Year the blog will be regularly updated with a variety of posts. Highlights will include:

     The VG Book Club – We are starting a book club! Lots more news on this later ;)

     Model Mondays - Spotlighting up and coming or already established models.

     Fashion Reports – Linking you to the top leading fashion industry publications and outlets for the latest news.

     Get to know our VG family – Q and A’s featuring our team, models, and clients.

     Guest Blog Posts - From some of our favorite bloggers in fashion, food, art, and travel. 

Well that’s all the news for now. We want to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting Via Gypset these past two years. Looking forward to growing together in the New Year and wishing a happy holiday to you and your loved ones!


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