What We Accept and Sell


We accept women’s clothing, shoes, jewelry, bags, and other accessories that are on trend (current and vintage) and in perfect condition (free of tears, stains, and/or missing pieces). For a list of designers and brands that we love click the following link: Brands We Love. This list is only a guideline. If you have any question please feel free to contact us. Please note that while we accept jean jackets, shirts, dresses and shorts we do not accept jean pants.


Not wanting to forget our cutest customers, Via Gypset also sells vintage and high-end luxury labels for children up to approximately 4 years of age.

Time of Consignment Items Accepted
February - August Spring & Summer
August - February Fall & Winter

We accept items that are in season. We also accept items in anticipation of the next season.

How to Consign

Please call us at (202) 803-2874 to set up an appointment time. 

In Store

When consigning in store, a staff member will review your items and determine which items Via Gypset will accept for consignment in your presence. Items not selected for consignment will be returned to you immediately. All consigners are asked to complete our standard Consignment Agreement and our Listing Form describing the items you are consigning. We will provide you with forms when you arrive at Via Gypset or you can fill them out in advance by printing them online. 

Special Pick Up

Under special circumstances we can come to your house and help clean out your closet! Please call us for more information.

Terms of Consignment

  • Via Gypset generally prices items 30%-40% of their original retail value. Pricing depends upon the condition, style, and popularity of the items.
  • Items that have not been worn, contain original price tags, and that are on-trend will generally be priced at 50% of the price listed on the tag.
  • Articles should be on trend and seasonally appropriate.
  • Articles should be in new or in like-new condition.
  • Garments should be freshly dry-cleaned or laundered and free of any stains, rips, tears or missing buttons etc. Any items accepted that require cleaning or repair will be done so at the consignors expense and deducted from their final check once that individual item sells. Therefore please only bring garments that are new or in like-new condition and/or freshly cleaned and ironed.
  • Unaccepted items will be donated to charity.
  • Prices are determined by Via Gypset and periodic markdowns will be taken at the sole discretion of management.
  • Via Gypset has the right to pull items depending on season, space or otherwise at its sole discretion.
  • Consignors will receive 50% of the final selling price. Accounts are paid and mailed on a quarterly basis and are subject to a $2 administration fee.
  • All consignments are left at the owner’s risk. Via Gypset is not responsible for loss by theft, fire, negligent handing or any other cause.
  • After the 90 day selling period any unsold merchandise will become sole property of Via Gypset. This means the consignor will not have the right to retrieve items once they have been consigned.
  • No items will be returned once they have been dropped off or picked up.
  • Items may be sorted and priced at a future date.


Consignors will receive 50% of the selling price of each item that sells.